1997 - to present

General Physician and Geriatrician, Department of Medicine, Launceston General Hospital, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Clinical Associate Professor, Launceston Clinical School, University of Tasmania.


I- Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden. May-June 2015.

I gained valuable experience in the assessment and management of patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus in the world leader research centre into hydrocephalus.

II- John Radcliffe Hospital, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, Dementia Programme, John Radcliffe Hospital, University of Oxford, Oxford, England. Jun-Jul 2011, Jun –Jul 2009 and Jun – Aug 2007.

I was a member of a multidisciplinary team and participated in research activities based on the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing (OPTIMA), a longitudinal cohort study. This involved analysis of the relationship between blood pressure and cognitive function. The study revealed a unique U-shaped relationship between cognitive function and blood pressure. The findings were presented in national and international conferences. (see publication).

Advisory Consultant

I- I was the Tasmanian representative in the Clinical Reference Group of the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council (AHMAC) Care of Older Australians Working Group (COAWG). I actively participated in the development of the following projects:

- Examination of Length of stay for older persons in acute and sub-acute sectors, 2003.

- Unnecessary admissions of older people, 2003.

- Analysis of workforce issues at the acute aged care interface, 2003.

- Best practice approaches to prevent functional decline in the older person across the acute, sub-acute and residential aged care sectors. 2004.

- A guide for assessing older people in hospitals. 2004.

- From hospital to home; Improving care outcomes for older people 2004.

II- I was a member of the Clinical Reference Group, which was part of a consultation groups that produced Tasmania Dementia Care Plan 2000 and beyond. This addressed local issues relevant to people with dementia and their carers and presented future directions and opportunities for Tasmania.

I also participated in a state wide review of geriatric and rehabilitation services, and submitted a report on the Northern Region Services in 2002.



Dec 1995 - Dec 1996.

Specialist Physician and Lecturer in Geriatric Medicine, Concord Repatriation Hospital, University of Sydney, Sydney.



Apr 1993 - Sep 1993

SR in General Medicine and Endocrinology to Dr A D Perrett and Dr P Raj, Treliske hospital, Truro.

Oct 1993 - Oct 1994

SR in General Medicine and Care of the Elderly to Dr J A Evers and Dr P Raj, Barncoose Hospital, Redruth.

Nov 1994 - Nov 1995

SR in General Medicine and Cardiology to Dr R T Johnston and Dr R Bland, Treliske hospital, Truro.                                        


Apr 1991 - Dec 1991:

Honorary Research Fellow to Dr K W Heaton, Reader in Medicine, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol.

Jan 1992 - Mar 1993:

Lecturer in Care of the Elderly to Professor G K Wilcock, Blackberry Hill Hospital, Bristol.


1. Oct 1986 - Dec 1987:

Registrar in Geriatric Medicine to Dr A E Ritch and Dr M Simons, Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham.

2. Jan 1988 - Jan 1989:

Registrar in Cardiology and General Medicine to Dr N G Dewhurst and Dr I G McGill, Torbay hospital, Torquay.

3. Feb 1989 - July 1990:

Registrar in Endocrinology and Chest Medicine to Dr R B Paisey and Dr G A Richardson, Torbay hospital, Torquay.

 4. Aug 1990 - Jan 1991:

Registrar in Geriatric and General Medicine (integrated model) to Dr A D Mehta and Dr G A Richardson, Torbay hospital, Torquay.


Oct 1984 - Jan 1986:

Senior House Officer in General and Geriatric Medicine to Dr N Malcolm, Dr E Wakely and Dr C Bowman, Weston General Hospital, Weston-Super-Mare.

Feb 1986 - Sep 1986:

Senior House Officer in General and Geriatric Medicine to Dr A Wright and

Dr P Mayer, The General Hospital, Birmingham.


Aug 1983 - Jan 1984:

House Physician to Professor A E Read, Professor P Dieppe, and Dr K W Heaton, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol.

Feb 1984 - July 1984:

House Surgeon to Professor M R B Keighley, The General Hospital, Birmingham.


Dec 1980 - June 1981:

Clinical attachment in General Surgery to Professor M R B Keighley, The General Hospital, Birmingham.

July 1981 - July 1983:

Clinical attachment in General Medicine to Professor A E Read and Dr K W Heaton, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol.