My Vision for a
Happier & Healthier
Independent Community

The Goals that I am working towards are:

  • Caring and representing my community with honour and dignity.
  • Provide the best health care by supporting general practitioners and hospital workers and ensure adequate and consistent funding for our health care systems.
  • ensure adequate number of beds are consistently available in our hospital by working together at state and federal levels.
  • Ensure the public get reliable and consistent information about the COVID-19 pandemic and provide adequate resources in testing and treatment.
  • Work toward alleviation of the increased in mental health disorders and obesity in our society, which is reaching epidemic proportion.
  • Promote the importance of taking responsibility towards the community and well-being of the nation rather than focusing on individual pursuits of creating wealth. The time has come to become more active in caring for each other. We need to bring back optimism and a sense of fun and get back to the ‘no worries’ nation.
  • improve work-place environment can help greatly in reducing stress among working people.
  • Insure income and wealth equalities. Australia has become more divided between the have and have not. Many working families are working very hard and find difficulty to keep end meet. The forgotten young generation have been burdened by high student debts and being driven out of the expensive housing market. It is time to make university education free and fight for affordable housing for Australians.
  • Respect our Seniors who are full of wisdom and knowledge, but they are marginalised and ignored in our society. I believe that our Seniors should take leading roles in driving social, economical and political changes and reclaim Australia as the most egalitarian, fair dinkum and a fun larrikin loving land.
  • People in leadership should take personal responsibility for decisions they take that have impact on the health and well being of individuals and community.
  • Work together toward combating climate change. Emission released from burning fossil fuels have major impact on air pollution, which is contributing greatly to health problems such as respiratory diseases especially among children. We need to be more aggressive toward cut in carbon pollution emission and transition toward clean energy system for electricity and transport.
  • Encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport which is the best way to take more cars off the road. However, we need to make road safer for cyclers and we need efficient and reliable public transport.
  • Invest in electric vehicle charging stations to encourage people to move toward electric vehicles.

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