Community issues


Promoting a Happy, Healthy and Active Community 

Launceston and the North East have the highest rate in Tasmania and Australia of chronic health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes and the worst cardiovascular risk factors like obesity and hypertension. People eat food that is high in salt with fewer vegetables and fruits, drink more sugar-sweetened and diet drinks and are less physically active. We need to play an active role in public health, support increased bike lanes by creating a network of tracks for walkers and cyclers that are safe and increase the availability of our real local products, especially vegetables and fruits. 

Combating Air Pollution and traffic congestion 

Transport is a major contributor to air pollution and Tasmania’s love affair with cars is growing with a 79% increase since 2010. All of these are contributing to increased traffic congestion and air pollution which is contributing to the rise in lung disease. The best and healthier option is to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport which is the best way to take more cars off the road. However, we need to make public transport more efficient, reliable and cheaper than using cars to encourage more people to use it.  

Revitalise The City Centre 

The CBD is desperate for a new vision that will make it more vibrant and that will encourage more people young and old to visit. This can be achieved by creating a multifunctional facility where people feel safe to meet, shop and socialise and encourage cultural activities, entertainment, and dining options.  Moreover, the CBD needs to be maintained regularly to make it safe for pedestrians and more toilets are needed that are easily accessible by the elderly and disabled.  

Supporting Homeless people 

This has been a growing problem for the last few years, especially with the increased cost of living and worsening housing affordability. It is disappointing that we are one of the wealthiest countries in the world and we cannot look after our homeless people. I believe that by working together with landlords, churches, and voluntary organisations we can find a long-term plan to continue supporting our homeless people.  

Improving the Tamar River 

There is great concern about the deteriorating state of the river with increased deposition of mud and sewage discharge with high environmental and public health risks. We should continue improving the sewer system and water quality to maintain a healthy river. We should also consider extending pedestrian and cycling tracks along both sides of the river, as well as having parks for recreational activities and an outdoor gym. 

Promoting Respect for our Seniors 

Seniors feel neglected and marginalised and looked upon as a burden rather than the most valuable members of our society.  We need our Seniors who are full of knowledge and wisdom to participate in driving changes to improve our city. 

Supporting Young Generation 

The young generation struggles to find a secure job and cannot even dream of buying a house, it’s no wonder why young Australians are facing the highest rate of mental health disorders. 

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