Promoting Respect
For Seniors

Seniors have the wisdom, knowledge, and experience to embark on a new adventure to serve the community.

Unfortunately, in recent years there has been a total disregard and lack of respect of our Seniors. Our society looks at them as a burden rather than the most valuable members of our society. They have been the driving force behind the rise in status of Australia which became the envy of the world.

Our society over the last 20-30 years has been driving changes for the sake of changes to show that there is progress and that they are doing something without evidence to show that these changes lead to improved outcomes. These have affected all aspects of our life including the economy, health, education, and religion.

 I believe that our Seniors can play an important role in driving great changes. We need Seniors who have different backgrounds and who have shown that they have served their community, rather than the career type politicians who are more concerned about personal ambitions and party interest, to drive these changes. Seniors are the most stable, and the happiest group of the society, full of wisdom and knowledge, and they have the experience to embark on a new adventure to serve the community. Having our Seniors, with the young who are full of energy and vision, taking leading roles in driving political, economic, and social changes is the only way to reclaim “The Lucky Country”.

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