Improve Work-place

Parents today are under enormous pressure to juggle between family and work. Our working family lifestyle has changed over the last 30 years.

The classical family in the fifties and sixties relied on one parent income but modern families now rely on both parents working. There is enormous financial pressure for both parents to work to pay for high mortgage debt and school fees with increasing number of parents sending their children to private schools. Parents are busier in providing post school activities such as sport, music, dancing. All of these contribute to increase stress for parents.

The time has come to support working families and we need an innovative way to help them. Improving work environment can help greatly in achieving this. 

These include flexible daily working hours, such as, working :

  • 8 hours a day (9 to 5) x 4 days a week, allowing them one week day to attend to any personal commitments
  • 6 hours a day (9 to 3) x 5 days a week. So parents have time to pick up their children from school.

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