Promoting a Happy,
Healthy and Active Community

The mental and physical well-being of Australians are declining, and they are intimately related to diminished quality of life, disability, high levels of morbidity and mortality and reduced productivity.

In addition, poor mental health is also associated with health behavioural risk factors such as smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, substance abuse, and physical inactivity.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in 2017-18, 20.1% or 4.8 million Australians had mental health disorders including, stress, anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. However, a 2020 health survey by Roy Morgan estimated that 36.8 % of Australians before COVID-19 pandemic, and 40.5% or 8.5 million Australians during the pandemic suffered from mental health disorders, with the highest rate in Generation Z (1991-2006) 45.8% and the Millennials (1976-1990) 45.6%, while the Baby Boomers (1946-1960) and Pre-Boomers (<1946) had the lowest rate, 30.5% and 25.3%, respectively. However, only 5.9% of Australians suffered from mental health disorder in 1995.

In addition, 67% or 12.5 million people of Australian adults were overweight or obese, and 31.3% were obese. While in 1985, 40% of Australians were overweight and 10% were obese.

In 30 years. Australia is turning from the most easy, laid back, happy going and healthy people to a more stressed and obese nation.   

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